Wendy Li-Siaw

I work at La Trobe University. I am not an academic or a student. I am in construction.

At Infrastructure and Operations, I have an active role in the campus transformation through the projects that I lead. The University’s commitments to creating a vibrant campus and inspiring learning environment are evident through the infrastructure investments and projects delivered in the past five years.

Spaces are often woven into the fabric of everyone’s personal La Trobe experience. Memories of relay races in the basement services tunnels in the ’70s, the soft jazz beer sessions on the roof tops, brainstorming on a giant whiteboard, exchanging ideas over a group of bean bags, the Harry Potter Hogwarts lounge with the much talked about fireplace, the moving mannequin pranks within deserted terraces premises.

The old and new of La Trobe University

My two personal favourites are getting to campus at 5am to witness the heli-lift of six air-conditioning chillers over the campus and the seeing the main absorption chiller being dropped through the roof of TLC plant.

What I value most about working at La Trobe is the strong sense of community and the commitment invested by staff to make La Trobe an amazing place.

I am humbled that the work that I do touches the individuals in some way in the way that they experience the spaces and that special memories are being created and continue to be created over the next 50 years at La Trobe.