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Naveen Pallepola

I am a final year student at La Trobe, hoping to graduate in December 2017.

I entered this beautiful university in March 2016. I really enjoyed all my classes. I got the opportunity to socialise with students from many parts of the world which opened my eyes to different cultures. The campus itself is quite alluring and I was able to make wonderful memories within these boundaries.

La Trobe’s curriculum and way of education broadened my way of thinking, and I am hoping to make use of the knowledge I gained here to bring innovative solutions to the problems my country is facing.

I am so thankful to have received my higher education from this wonderful institution, and to be part of celebrating 50 years of La Trobe University.

Lucas Fraser

I attended La Trobe for one semester as an exchange student, and it inspired me to share my story through YouTube videos.

I am now 50 videos into a 100 video challenge and learning all kinds of thing about the world and myself.

I share my story every day on my channel.

Caitlan Wall

I was inspired to go to La Trobe mainly because my older brother attended, and he had an absolutely great time on campus.

I moved from a country area in order to attend La Trobe, and I don’t regret the decision whatsoever.

Starting mid-year was a challenge, but the environment is great, and I cannot wait to finish my degree!

Georgia Nenna

Mid-year last year, I decided I wanted to study psychology and start my journey to becoming an art therapist.

I applied on a Wednesday evening, not knowing what the application process would be like, and to my surprise I was accepted the next morning.

Starting in the second semester was definitely a challenge, and now that I’m doing first semester, I’m re-learning a lot of things I wish I had known last year!

Adam Rosenow

I was a first year student in macroeconomics at La Trobe, and I was struggling to understand macroeconomics.

I explored many books from the University’s library and then complained to the lecturer about how I couldn’t understand the text as well as some of the other books that I had read. I felt very awkward afterwards realising the author of the book was the lecturer I approached. He attended my graduation party years later and we’re still good friends.

I loved how La Trobe supported difference!

Rischa Riahta Purba

I was a lucky student, who was chosen as an exchange student at La Trobe University.

Coming from Indonesia to study at La Trobe University for a semester has given me broad experience, not only for my academic program but also for my social life. The system is different with my home university had given me an opportunity to study better, especially with very generous lecturers and enormous book supplies at the Library. Living in a diverse community has given me an opportunity to socialize with people from different countries and to learn their culture as well.

Rischa Riahta with her friends from FOCUS

I was an introverted person, so I’d rarely initiate a conversation first, but I have so many friends because of the campus’ Union’s Expo. I met some interesting people because they invited me to join their union. Even now, I am still in touch with my FOCUS friends. They are very friendly, and I thank La Trobe University for having that kind of Union, so for a student like me, who has come from overseas could not feel lonely and have positive activities at the campus.

Although it’s been more than two years since my study at La Trobe, I really want to go back there to reminisce on my memories there and to meet the friendly friends there.

Thank you La Trobe.

Sophie Daley

I started my undergraduate studies within the La Trobe Business School in 2014.

La Trobe has allowed me to increase my personal and professional attributes in the forms of international studies and scholarships, and has now allowed me to contribute to the community in the form of a board director.

Now, I am completing a Master of Management to further develop myself.

Adam Mitchell

I’m in my last year of my degree and have only just started to get involved with the campus activities and I am kicking myself about not joining this amazing community earlier.

Studying here has expanded my view of the world and has positively changed my thinking.

I cannot imagine not having been a part of this amazing community.

Damian Cullen

I am a 42 year old male going into the social work field.  A little unusual but more so when you consider I come from a brief military background and a 20 year building career.

I guess, the catalyst and motivation for me, is that I went through a divorce three years ago. It was very unexpected and painful. I went from a fully functioning member of the community to a man in need of a lot of community services.

It inspired me that not only there were services available when I was at my lowest, but that the service providers shared my innate desire to help, they also shared my empathy and good nature.

Below all the pain I was feeling, I knew that would end and that when it did, I needed to be a part of this service. So here I am: three and a half years to go, bring it on!

Sean Arbuthnot

Well, I’m a country kid who came to the city to study zoology.

I came here knowing only one person, but she dropped out and so I knew no one.

The clubs here are great. I have so far been in ten(ish) including Quidditch, Botany Club, and the Community Gardens to name a few.

Right now, I’m a third year, the last year in my course and I’m volunteering at La Trobe helping out research.

It’s been great and I hope this greatness will continue.