Shannon Reid

I was a distance education student based in Adelaide who had to attend 4 workshops in Bundoora over 2 months.

When time came for my second workshop I was staying in Melbourne CBD alone and was reliant on public transport.  For my first and subsequent workshops I stayed with a relative and had access to a car so that I could drive to campus. Lucky for me, in my first workshop I had met an amazing person called Sally who also caught the bus from the CBD to Bundoora for these workshops. I was able to speak to Sally via social media and ask about what bus to take and where to get on.

I was quite concerned with where to get off as the campus is so large and I had only been there once so I may not have been able to determine where I needed to be on the campus. On the morning of the workshop, I headed to Queen Street to find the correct bus. Unfortunately, I got lost and could not understand where the bus stop was and how they were labelled as this is quite different from how it is done in Adelaide. I was saved by Sally who was waiting for the bus at the same time and answered my panicked phone call and explained all the details on how to find her and get on the correct bus so I would make it to class.

At the end of our workshop, Sally also took it upon herself to help me get the correct bus back to where I was staying. This is just one example of how well I was treated by faculty members and students as a person who was not familiar with Melbourne or the campus. I will never forget how much help I received from strangers when I was studying a new course and in a new place where I knew no one. I think this is a great example of the inclusive and welcoming spirit of La Trobe University.