Shane Saunderson

I came back to La Trobe as a mature aged student (late 20s) to undertake an Arts degree.

After spending 10 years in retail management in Melbourne, I decided there has got to be more to life than retail. I applied for a course through Bendigo campus and got in after sitting an entry exam. I completed the course part-time (over 4 years) while working four different casual/part-time jobs.

One position was with the Centre for Sustainable Communities which was based at La Trobe Bendigo. As a result of completing my degree and subsequent postgraduate studies in Planning and Community Development I have been able to change my field of work.

I believe going back to university has been a life changing decision. The transferable skills and confidence you obtain through completing a degree you just can’t get anywhere else. I now believe I can do anything I set my mind to, and if I want it bad enough I will make it happen. This is a most auspicious year, as La Trobe turns 50, I also find myself turning 50. So here’s cheers to La Trobe and myself, may we both see another 50 (+) years.