Sandra Nicholson

I commenced studying at La Trobe University in 1979 as a distraction from the human crises I encountered on a daily basis in my role as a detective in Victoria Police. Art and history had been long term passions, so I decided to combine the two by undertaking a degree, majoring in Art History.

It wasn’t long before I discovered that my studies in Art History were having a positive effect on my mental and spiritual well being and on the way in which I carried out my duties, in particular, the way in which I investigated crime. My studies helped me to realise the importance of looking beyond my immediate response, the façade, and taking time to understand the complete picture, looking beyond the obvious and gathering all the pieces of evidence that would reveal the truth.

My studies made me a more professional and thorough detective and police officer. As I progressed through the ranks, I again turned to La Trobe University to enhance my career by undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Speech. I credit this course with giving me a greater level of confidence in both my oral and written skills, which led to promotion to the executive level. I know that I would not have been as successful in my chosen career without the valuable contribution of my amazing Professors, Lecturers and Tutors at La Trobe University, many of whom I’ve remained in contact with over many years.

My fondest memories are the many chats and laughs I had over coffee in the Agora with fellow students and the nights out at the end of each course with both students and lecturers. The Alumni has been very valuable in allowing me to keep in touch with the people who helped me to make those lifelong positive memories.