Rischa Riahta Purba

I was a lucky student, who was chosen as an exchange student at La Trobe University.

Coming from Indonesia to study at La Trobe University for a semester has given me broad experience, not only for my academic program but also for my social life. The system is different with my home university had given me an opportunity to study better, especially with very generous lecturers and enormous book supplies at the Library. Living in a diverse community has given me an opportunity to socialize with people from different countries and to learn their culture as well.

Rischa Riahta with her friends from FOCUS

I was an introverted person, so I’d rarely initiate a conversation first, but I have so many friends because of the campus’ Union’s Expo. I met some interesting people because they invited me to join their union. Even now, I am still in touch with my FOCUS friends. They are very friendly, and I thank La Trobe University for having that kind of Union, so for a student like me, who has come from overseas could not feel lonely and have positive activities at the campus.

Although it’s been more than two years since my study at La Trobe, I really want to go back there to reminisce on my memories there and to meet the friendly friends there.

Thank you La Trobe.