Rebecca Mundi

At my first year psych lectures in 2010 I was handed a flyer for Reach Out Volunteers, community development and conservation programs abroad.

Rebecca during her travels

It was this flyer that sent me on my very first journey overseas to South Africa, where I helped build a creche for orphaned children and aided wildlife conservation while living in the middle of a game park, waking to the sound of lions roaring.

Rebecca building a crèche for orphaned children

I have since volunteered abroad in Cambodia, travelled across New Zealand recruiting others to volunteer themselves on similar programs, worked in the US at an autism specific summer camp and have a burning desire inside in me to continue working and volunteering around the world.

Rebecca with giraffes

Oh, and currently I am employed as a behavioural therapist, the first position of which I came across via another flyer floating around La Trobe, this time taped on the back of a bathroom stall.

Absolutely none of my experiences or the path that I have taken to get to where I am today, and continue to follow, would have even begun to unfold had it not been for that first flyer, at those first lectures, at La Trobe University.