Reachana Hang

I have found that a lot of people from La Trobe University share a common happy memory of the social life, as well as the education that the University brings.

Upon graduating from a double degree in a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Commerce at La Trobe University, I entered the workforce straight after I graduated in the Health Sciences sector; and have had the opportunity to work interstate in NSW and ACT.

Being able to utilise social skills (networking) I realise now is one of the most valuable and transferrable assets in the work environment. Not only does it enable possible job connections, it also enhances work/life experiences. Reflecting, the structure of classes and tutorials, Library layout, and the carefully thought out (and beautiful) landscapes enabled and added to this experience.

I am also still best friends with the first person I met at La Trobe University, who happened to be someone who I introduced myself to on the very first day of university, who was standing next to me while we waited for our first lecture at the Western Lecture Theatre. That was at least 16 years ago! We also formed a close group of friends, with whom we regularly take time to share our life journey through coffee catch ups.

These are the things that completing two wonderful degrees has given me along the way, and something I will always treasure and tell people about.