About La Trobe

2017 marks 50 years since the first 511 La Trobe University students were enrolled in 1967.

Today we educate more than 36,000 students – including over 8,000 international students from some 90 countries – across our vibrant and connected campus network.

In those 50 years more than 180,000 students have graduated with a La Trobe Degree; all of them going on to make a difference in their communities and workplaces across the world. Along the way they’ve created a strong and engaged alumni network that spans the continents, skill sets and generations.

For over 50 years we have continued to seek knowledge, challenge convention and change the way people think.  We have been transforming higher education with courses and research centres that lead the way in their field.  We are committed to the pursuit of world-class research that makes a difference to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

We were established to broaden participation in higher education amongst our State’s most disadvantaged communities.  This mission has endured for nearly 50 years and continues as a key priority.

La Trobe’s 50 year story

A strong voice in history and culture

Our School of Psychology with its former Brain Behaviour Research Institute was a powerhouse of new ideas and research in ...
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Firsts in genomic and computer revolution

The genetic and digital revolutions rank among the most important developments of recent decades ...
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Advancing health and medicine

Scientists in our Muscle Research Laboratory, George Stephenson and Graham Lamb, helped rewrite a significant chapter in physiology ...
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Designing better crops for more people

Inspirational research by Marilyn Anderson and her laboratory helped establish the Australian biotechnology company, Hexima, of which she is a ...
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A safer and sustainable environment

Highly toxic and environmentally persistent industrial substances, PCBs or Polychlorinate biphenyls, were one of the major waste issues of the ...
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High-level maths – and homes of the future

Research by Geoff Prince has made a ‘big bang’ in the world of maths, helping develop a new equation in ...
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A proud tradition underpinning “Future Ready”

The aim of ‘Future Ready’ is to grow a strong University, sufficiently resourced, so it can continue La Trobe’s proud tradition ...
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Future ready

While we celebrate the past and what has been achieved in our 50 years, it is just as important that ...
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New approaches to media and music

La Trobe was founded at a time when serious scholarship began to look beyond the written word.  Patricia Edgar set ...
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The world, through people & languages

The schools of Archaeology and Linguistics were among the most dynamic in Australia, led by people with world-wide interests and ...
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Latin America and Asia

The La Trobe University Library is named after inaugural Chief Librarian Dietrich Borchardt. It acquired from its earliest days a ...
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Health sciences amalgamation boost professional courses

Anticipating moves for higher education amalgamations under the ALP’s Dawkins reforms, in 1988 La Trobe voluntarily merged with the Lincoln ...
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Biological studies and wildlife

Decades of work by Mike Clarke has changed the way we manage wildfires and threatened species, especially in the Mallee region of ...
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Indigenous La Trobe – At a glance

The area that the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary now occupies was once inhabited by Aborigines who were aligned to the ...
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When law and economics count

A prized post as Associate to a High Court Judge, two partnerships in a top-tier Australian law firm, and a ...
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La Trobe University Chemistry: The First 50 Years

An overview of the history of the La Trobe Department of Chemistry. No definitive history of the La Trobe Department ...
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