Nick Dalton-Bocquet

My time at La Trobe University Bundoora is without a doubt some of the best years of my life. I made great friends, travelled the country competing in University Games and before I’d even completed my degree found my way into a job at Channel Nine working on one of the highest rating children’s television shows in the country.

I began my Bachelor of Media Studies in 2011 and within two months had found my way into the La Trobe University Ultimate Frisbee team (LATUUF). I had never been part of a group so welcoming and supportive and some of my most cherished memories are of my time with LATUUF. Over the three years I played with them I was part of a Bronze Medal winning team, competed in multiple University Games in different states and became the President of the club in my final year.

I also joined the La Trobe University Snow Team in my first year. It was here on the annual trips to Mt. Hotham that I discovered a love of skiing and made some very good friends who I am still close with today.


It was not only my social life that flourished at La Trobe. I was thoroughly enjoying my course and took every opportunity that came my way. In my second year I wrote and directed my own short film with a crew of five people. It was screened at crowded bar in Melbourne and I still remember the feeling of relief and pride when the audience laughed at the first comedic scene.

In my second year I also directed a documentary about my uncle who lost his leg in a farming accident. This paved the way for me to become an Episode Producer for Real, La Trobe’s annual student produced television show in my third year. As part of the role my lecturer organised me an internship at Channel 31 which was a fantastic opportunity. I gained a great insight into the industry and began working on 1700, a student produced live music program run by the Student Youth Network out of the Channel 31 studios.

During this time I was also offered the opportunity to produce a short film for Short Flicks, La Trobe’s annual short film festival. The film was a big success and I was incredibly proud to have it screened at ACMI.

In the final weeks of my internship I heard about a job going at Channel Nine. I applied for it not expecting anything to come of it but to my surprise after two interviews I was offered the position of Associate Producer at Kids’ WB, Channel Nine’s national children’s variety show.

Unfortunately I still had two remaining subjects to complete for my degree. However after some friendly negotiations with my lecturers I was able to undertake some specifically tailored reading subjects and finished my degree during my first year at Channel Nine.

I was sad to be leaving La Trobe, despite the great job opportunity that awaited me. Not wanting to leave without a proper send off, I wrote directed and stared in my final short film, the La Trobe University Rap. Today it has over 11,000 views on YouTube.

Looking back now, I feel my time at La Trobe came and went far too quickly. I am now into my third year at Channel Nine and was recently promoted to the Producer of Kids’ WB. After deferring my graduation a number of times I finally attended the ceremony and it was a really special experience to have all my family there to see me graduate. I am very thankful for all the opportunities I was presented with during my time at La Trobe University and despite feeling that it went far too quickly if I could do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nick Graduation