Michael Wills

I was all set to start a double degree (Bachelor of Computer Science / Cognitive Science) at La Trobe in 2001, combining my love for computing and psychology, however I ended up receiving (and accepting) a second round offer for my first choice at another institution focusing on multimedia, networking and computer science.

Having finished that course, I was left wondering “what next”. I didn’t feel as though I was skilled up enough to work on anything specific, so I considered further study in psychology. At the time, a friend of mine highly recommended La Trobe’s Bachelor of Behavioural Science and convinced me that it was THE place to study psychology and that it had one of the best reputations for psychology in the country.

I already thought highly of the campus at Bundoora, but knowing the course was going to be of a high quality as well was all the motivation I needed to sign up. I had read the online course description (too?) many times and I was very excited at the prospect of actually studying psychology at La Trobe. Concerned about not being accepted into the course, I actually dressed up in a presentable fashion (1st impressions matter and I really wanted to get in) and headed into La Trobe to see if Dr Ken Greenwood (the acting head of school at the time) was free to discuss my prospects of “getting in”. To my delight he was in his office and permitted my unscheduled interruption. I left his office feeling very hopeful and reassured that there was a good chance of getting in and set about submitting a formal VTAC application. Mission accomplished.

A month later, I got a letter from VTAC offering me a place in the course. I think I actually hurt my arm by fist pumping the air.

I thoroughly enjoyed my entire time at La Trobe. The course was everything I had hoped and thought it would be. It gave me a deeper understanding of human behaviour – in particular the relationship between biological processes and behaviour. It played a significant role in the level of respect I have today for individual differences in people and has given me the confidence to give back to something I am passionate about.

Today, I produce websites (including this one) for La Trobe and in my spare time I develop Cut Down Drinking, a web application aimed at helping people find a healthier relationship with alcohol and live more fulfilling lives.