Laura Hanson

I am the current president of the La Trobe Seven Women club and, for the last three years, I take any and every opportunity to promote Seven Women, and this post will not be the exception.

There is a lot more to university than just studying your course. I didn’t really understand this until the first day of O-Week in my first year when I attended the Clubs and Societies Festival. I was overwhelmed by the amount of interesting clubs I could join, but the one table that stood out from the rest was the Seven Women table covered with brightly coloured felt products and unique handmade toys. Once I talked to the volunteers and heard the story behind Seven Women and the organisation’s aim, I was hooked! I was utterly impressed by the organisation that is so small and that was started by a La Trobe student. It is still run by that past student and her mum (with the stock room in their family home garage!) and they are making a real difference to some of the most impoverished women in Nepal.


Laura selling products made by Nepalese women in the Agora

Since that day I have been passionate about Seven Women. Once a week (for every week I have been at La Trobe), I have volunteered to stand the Seven Women stall in the Agora to sell the adorable fair trade products made by women in Nepal. Selling the products provides Nepalese women with an income, and allows me to spread awareness of the debilitating stigma towards women and the disabled within Nepal. It, importantly, allows me to share the need for women’s empowerment through education and skills training which helps lift these vulnerable people out of poverty.

Being involved in Seven Women reminds me there is more to life than work and study. I can’t think of a better way to spend a study break then by helping women in Nepal regain their self-esteem, learn new skills, and build a sustainable future simply by standing behind a table and chatting with friends!