Kristina Vingis

I was one of the original 511.

A unique privilege to be among the first intake of students, to start with a blank page, with the freedom to do things and establish things for the first time.

The editorial page of the first edition of ‘Rabelais’ published on July 24 1967

Like starting a student newspaper – roll the presses! First published on the 24th July 1967, I can’t remember who came up with the name ‘Rabelais’ – perhaps it was the founding Editor Michel Lawrence, or Dick Wright, or perhaps it was the paper’s roving photographer, Alan Street. Nonetheless, it was going to be ‘The Mouse that Roared!’ with a cover price of 5 cents, although I can’t remember anyone who actually paid for it, either! I was a member of the editorial staff/production staff/reviewer for the first issues.

My battered and yellowing early copies are on their last legs – if they have all been digitized, I look forward to reading them again online.