Kieran Menzie

I began my studies at La Trobe, in 2013, studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Leadership and Management. At the time, I wasn’t sure if this really was what I wanted. In my first year I undertook a second year subject as an elective called “Financial Planning” taken by Marc Olynyk and I absolutely loved it. As I continued with my Leadership and Management course, in the back of my mind was the possibility to do financial planning. Halfway through my second year I decided that my passion was for financial planning. I consulted with a careers expert and planned my subjects so that I could transfer.

Kieran on his graduation day

At the start of 2015, I successfully changed my course to a Bachelor of Business majoring in Financial Planning and Human Resource Management. I felt more excited and happy about this change than ever before. As a result I sorted out work experience in this industry and was successful in obtaining volunteer work in a Financial Planning firm.

During my final year in 2015, I was also privileged to receive a scholarship from Platinum Asset Management, in which I was chosen from the students at La Trobe as one with a high academic achievement.

My journey at La Trobe has taught me valuable life lessons and has set me up for an amazing career. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to change my course and the guidance I received from the staff at La Trobe. I have been working full-time in the financial planning industry since I graduated and have never doubted my career change.