Joel Dorman

When I moved to Melbourne four years ago from my hometown of Mildura, it was a very daunting and life changing experience. La Trobe was the only university I looked at attending and have never regretted that choice. From family and friend’s opinions and now from personal experience I would recommend the institution highly.

My first two years in Melbourne were spent at Menzies College at the Bundoora campus giving me an in-depth knowledge of the institution and its campus that has instilled La Trobe as part of my life.

In 2013 I began my Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), however decided this was not my ideal career path and transferred to majoring in Management. The thought of leaving the University all together did cross my mind, but the support of staff and some of my teachers encouraged me to stay. In my third year, I thrived in my studies and received my best grades despite taking on an extra workload and graduated in December of 2016.

Upon completing my examinations in November it was time for me to seriously consider where I wanted to go with my career and this lead me to deciding to undertake a Master of Human Resource Management at La Trobe in 2017. The opportunity to gain more valuable tertiary knowledge at a Master’s level is something I see as an opportunity to set myself apart from other candidates in the future when entering the professional world.

The University has always supported my studies and wellbeing and I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of a celebration of the universities anniversary and feel that I would gain valuable experiences from this opportunity.