Jarrod Demir

I remember it vividly.

It was a bitterly cold morning on the Bundoora campus. I trudged up to my class in the old Donald Whitehead Building and took my seat in the lecture theatre. I sat in a position toward the back and waited patiently for the lecturer to take his position to start proceedings.

I can say that at the time I was not too thrilled about the prospect of a two hour lecture ahead of me. Little did I know, what would happen next would change my life. Harshini Egorov, a La Trobe Abroad representative, entered the room and gave a speech about the potential of studying abroad.

Jarrod with friends during his travels


A year later, I would find myself in Spain’s capital, Madrid, on an exchange semester in what would be the best six months of my life.

Jarrod at the football in Madrid

La Trobe was amazing in making it a smooth process to move abroad, and the amount of sister universities La Trobe has meant that I could do my semester abroad basically wherever I wanted.

A special thanks to Harshini for braving the cold on that Monday morning and taking the time to talk to students about exchange, and also for helping me during the process of transitioning abroad!