Helen Murphy

I began her journey at La Trobe University in 1970. I began a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Sociology and minoring in History) and graduated with Honours. Student numbers were small during my studies, which isn’t as a bad thing as it made for a more personal experience with my lecturers (most of whom most of the time doubled as my tutors).

La Trobe was very politically active and left wing during this time with anti-war demonstrations occurring somewhat regularly. Although my association with these protests was little to none, I found myself on the La Trobe Politics Society where I was apart of organising a lot of great social functions. The La Trobe Politics Society committee consisted of Robin Jeffreys and Joe Camilleri during this time.

My most memorable lecturer was Katy Richmond who lectured in Sociology. Katy was stimulating, vibrant, and a great communicator and she was always well prepared and had good rapport with students. To gain employment as a sociologist at that time was rare.

I was provided the opportunity with La Trobe to be a postgraduate research assistant for Ray Over in the Psychology Department.

It is great that there are campuses in rural country towns as it is important to those communities.