Hazemin Catallo

I attended La Trobe University in 2013 with only my best friend for company, but, by 2016, I have become firm friends with my best friend’s fellow classmates. I tended to spend my time at the University in class, with my best friend and/or studying but towards my final years of study, my social circle expanded to the friends I still am in contact with.

Ever since we became friends, we have had lunches and parties as well as day trips together, which I feel fortunate for having. We have even recently done Kris Kringle with each other. If I hadn’t attended the University, I definitely would not have these friends – these friends are one of my fondest memories of my experience of the University.

Hazemin with her friends

My other experience that I am fond of is my drama class, with drama being one of my disciplines for my teaching course. These drama classes were exhausting but fun, and helped me with my confidence, particularly with my teaching degree.

Despite originally entering my teaching course with a mind to teach science subjects, I do not regret being able to teach drama as it was fun and helped me a lot, especially since we always become a unit towards the end of the class.

So, I love saying that teach both science and drama because they are both fun, especially the classes I was enrolled in. Bagryana Popov would have to be my favourite drama teacher – she was really fun and disciplined, while in the science faculty I enjoyed having Michael Emmerling and Steve Fleming. I have really enjoyed my science classes.

Finally, I have enjoyed being on the campus itself – the facilities are great, I love the walks between the buildings and I enjoy the serenity of the nature.