Gregory Johnson

Thanks to the patience of La Trobe I finally received my MBA in Technology Management after 11 years’ part-time and remote study!

I did exams in Tokyo and in Hamilton, New Zealand and when my daughter was born on the day of one of the exams, I had to defer and re-sit the exam 6 months later.

We moved to live and work in Japan, and as we lived in a hotel with a new baby for a few weeks, I was using the hotel business centre to study for my law exam. As an engineer, law was a real struggle for me, lots and lots and lots of reading. As I sat there looking worried, an Englishman came over and said, “I see your studying law”. “Yes, a struggle”. He said “Nothing to it, there is Statute, Tort and Contract, that is all you need to remember”. Apologies to my MBA law lecturer, but at that moment everything was clarified. I went the next week to the Australian Embassy in Tokyo to take the exam, and got a High Distinction (when I was fearing a failing grade).

Eventually, I had to apply for an extension of time (due to baby mentioned before), but I graduated ranked 2nd overall in my MBA year.

Thanks to La Trobe and the unknown Englishman in Tokyo. (Of course, and thanks to my wife who suffered much more than me during my MBA studies.)