LIMS and Scientific Image

LIMS and Scientific Image

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) is globally recognised for its excellence, creativity, and innovation in relation to the big issues of our time. From a blood test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease, to identifying a molecule that may treat cancer cachexia, our scientists push the boundaries of multidisciplinary research at the interface of health and science.

Imaging is a cornerstone of scientific discovery in the twenty-first century. Using specialised equipment, scientists can now capture the intricate workings of an undiscovered molecular world, culminating in world class discoveries that are both globally significant and visually intriguing.

Project details

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) held a 50th Anniversary event that showcased its game-changing research through an image competition and exhibition. In January, we issued a call to all our researchers to submit their most breathtaking scientific images.

On Thursday, 23 March 2017, the finalist entries were unveiled at our inaugural exhibition, LIMS and the Scientific Image. Shaun Gaskin was awarded first prize for his entry, Supernova. The exhibition was attended by LIMS staff and students, and the wider La Trobe community.

You can find a selection of images from the exhibition on the Gallery page and LIMS’ Facebook page.