Evelyn Chan

My heartfelt thanks to La Trobe University for an amazing and awesome university experience.

I’m from Malaysia and being an international student in an entirely different country is no joke for a 19 year old. I’ve spent four enriching years at La Trobe in Australia.

Lectures and tutorials complement each other and are fitting in terms of learning and understanding for an international student like me. I had the opportunity to befriend other people from around the world through La Trobe University’s International Students’ Association, and I was later elected into the committee. While serving in the International Students’ Association, I learned so much more about La Trobe, about Australia, and about the friendly local Australians.

I’ve developed lifelong relationships and acquired lifelong skills while studying at La Trobe. And so, I want to say, “Happy Birthday La Trobe!” Thank you for making an impact in my life!

P.S. Here’s the bonus: I met my wonderful husband at La Trobe!