Emma (Bunny) McPartlan

I’ve been a part of the La Trobe University world for 7 years and it has been the most challenging, confusing, amazing and life changing experience for me all in one.

I started at this University in 2010 straight out of year 12 with a general knowledge of many things, a love of essay writing, no university friends and no sense of direction for what to do with my life.

LTU Cheer after doing a performance at the MCGLTU Cheer after doing a performance at the MCG

Fast forward 6 years to 2016 and I have graduated from LTU once with an Arts Degree, have 5 National Cheerleading Champion Medals, as well as Australian University Games Gold and Bronze medals to my name as an Eagle athlete, have learnt about things I never expected, studied abroad, and, am currently the President of the Dumbledore’s Army: La Trobe Division, have more incredible friends from this university than I can count, and should (hopefully) be about finish my final semester of my Law Degree before I finally leave my University life and move onto bigger and hopefully better things.

Studying at Abroad at Michigan State University

Studying at Abroad at Michigan State University

7 years of fun, confusion, late nights, stress, happiness, parties and representing as an Eagle all around the country, I can safely say that I am so glad that La Trobe was where I ended up all those years ago.
I’ll forever be an Eagle.