Damanjeet Maan

When I was planning to study abroad, La Trobe University was my first choice for it. I used to see all the YouTube videos and beautiful picture over internet, showing how beautiful Bundoora campus looks.

I was very excited to get admission in La Trobe and start my journey to experience the best out of my education in foreign country. As soon as I came for my orientation, I was guided very well in the seminars and sessions during O-week. I got involved in Clubs and Societies. I was welcomed by IEEE and Engineers Society, as I got in touch with them even before landing in Australia.

Further, I got into Indian Students’ Clubs and started participating in various on campus activities. The diverse culture in La Trobe is exclusively inviting. For international student like me, it was really easy to get along with my classmates and students from different ethnicity. My confidence to approach people and express myself was developing by every passing day.

As a result, I established many milestones, discovered many talents within me and achieved successes to relish lifelong. Coming to La Trobe is one of my best decisions that will never be regret upon.

On 50th Anniversary of La Trobe, I congratulate all the students, staffs and alumni for encouraging all aspiring student to “Be the difference”.