Clinton Elliott

During my degree, I used the university environment to my advantage to build skills in member engagement, events, and communication while I studied. I made lots of friends, shared experiences, and even got to manage two departments, the Activities Department and the Communication Department, in a multimillion dollar business, the RMIT University Student Union.

I took risks and I innovated following my creative instincts. I helped others, I represented diverse interests, and I created communities. Some projects failed. But by getting involved I learned about myself and what I’m passionate about.

Now, I am working to follow these interests and build an inclusive, course specific, interactive communication platform for students, staff, and alumni.

La Trobe is a place where we can achieve great things when we work together. I am so impressed by our well-rounded students and their potential to make society a better place for all.

It is my goal to ensure that all our students have custom support, clear personal goals, and can see how to get the most from La Trobe.

This will ensure they continue evolving after university by following their goals and making the most out of their difference.