La Trobe University Chemistry: The First 50 Years

An overview of the history of the La Trobe Department of Chemistry.

No definitive history of the La Trobe Department of Chemistry has previously been documented.

We have attempted to recall its 50-year history based on relevant information received from our colleagues and on some historical documentation made available to us. We have given a balanced summary of the achievements of all members of the academic staff and highlighted the career achievements of many of the higher degree graduates, since we believe that these quantify the quality of the Department’s outstanding teaching and learning profile throughout the half century period reviewed.

In addition, we have realistically estimated the total research funding quantum received by the Department and its total publication record so as to endorse its quality research profile.

Overall, it is apparent that La Trobe Chemistry has a distinguished accumulated academic record to be proud of and, based on this, it has established a secure platform on which to build a sustainable future.

All these documents have been compiled by Bob Brownlee and John Hill, and if you wish to offer feedback or share your experience of Chemistry at La Trobe, please, get in touch with Bob Brownlee.

Title: ‘La Trobe Chemistry: The first 50 years’.
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Authors: Bob Brownlee and John Hill.
The photos in the Photo Gallery have been supplied courtesy of the La Trobe University Media Library, the La Trobe Department of Chemistry, and from the personal collections of past and present members of the Department with their permission granted.
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